Who You Know And What They Know About You.

I'm sure that you've heard the expression, "It's all about who you know." Last night I was listening to the motivational speaker Les Brown, and he added something special to this well-known phrase that I have to share with you.
Knowing the right people can help you to reach your goals.  However, what people know about you can not only help you to meet your goals, your reputation can be the key to helping you surpass your goals while putting you in the position to meet more people that are interested in what you do, and how you do it.
When meeting people there is nothing wrong with focusing on what you have accomplished vs, what you are looking to accomplish.  Your goal here is to make sure that they know you as a person that gets things done. With respect to your reputation and your character, these are the words that you want roaming around town.
When you are working with someone on a project, remember that this experience will follow you.  You want to be sure that when the question is asked,"How was your experience working with Kevin?" a positive response follows. Your reputation must precede you.  People should be hearing good things about you before they meet you. 
So yes, I totally agree that knowing the right people can help and move you towards achieving your goals.   However, what individuals know about you carries a lot of weight, and is as equally important. 
So in essence, its all about who you know, and what they know about you.

David AsberyComment