Fixing Fathers Inc.

Fixing Fathers Inc.  One Dad at a Time, is a startup company, operating internationally with headquarters located in Connecticut. The Core business competence of Fixing Fathers Inc. is to help fathers strengthen their bond with their children and their families while educating fathers on the importance of their role as fathers. At Fixing Fathers Inc. we are committed to the cause of reunifying fathers back into the lives of their children.

At Fixing Fathers Inc.  We live to Laugh, Learn, and Love our children by any means necessary.

At Fixing Fathers Inc.  We live to Laugh, Learn, and Love our children by any means necessary.

At Fixing Fathers Inc., we believe that a strong relationship between parents will help to build a solid foundation for a child’s healthy growth and development. This is why we strive to specifically meet the needs of fathers.  We understand that relationships between parents do not always work out and that fathers are often missing from the family equation. Our goal at Fixing Fathers Inc. is to teach all fathers that regardless of their marital status, their presence and their involvement in their child’s life is desperately needed.  The Fixing Fathers Inc. brand is built on communicating and truly connecting with fathers. Fixing Fathers Inc. aims to become a sustainable brand and connect with fathers through books, videos and innovative high quality training programs and services.  In 2016 Fixing Father Inc. will launch, Fatherhood Defined, a magazine that will focus on the specific needs of fathers. Click Here for our Core Values and our Mission Statement



Bruce Trammell

Fatherhood Life Coach

I'm a Life Coach with a focus on Fatherhood. I support all fathers and his goals for himself. Then he can begin to build his confidence in his ability to achieve his dreams for himself and his family. It's his awareness and awakening that pushes him to explore and put into action his achievable goals. 

I've advocated for fathers on the State and National platform. I've helped fathers to understand how important they are to their children's lives. Introduced and facilitated the nationally recognized 24/7 curriculum, from the National Fatherhood Institute, along with support group meetings for the graduates. I'm also a National Fatherhood Practitioner & Educator through Fathers and Families Coalition of America. My coaching credentials came from the FFCA curriculum. Also worked with fathers in the Department of Correction prison system, as they prepare to come back into society. My VIP status with the DOC allows me access to 4 Ct. Prisons. Reentry Round Table meetings keep me informed of resources. Past engagement with the teen pregnancy prevention meeting allows me to understand young fathers. My knowledge of Probation and Criminal justice is enhanced because I am a Paralegal, and I've had the privilege of working as a Clerk in the Criminal Court.